Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Learning Lesson 1: Information Sheet

Resiliency in Action Learning Session 1


What do we mean by a consistent, culturally sensitive message?”
We know that we can't wave a magic wand and remove toxic stress sources from Springfield. But together we can join our efforts in changing how families, the community, policy makers, and the general public understand the power of resiliency in shaping the next generation.  By coming together, speaking with one voice, and sharing a common message, we can create a platform for ensuring that all young children and the families in Springfield have access to resiliency supports.  We can more intentionally weave together what we are already doing in Springfield, and determine how to best move forward as a city and state to address gaps and opportunities.

How will workgroups be formed?
Individuals will be asked to join one of three inter-agency workgroups, based on each person or agency/groups interest in creating a messaging project directed toward one of the three target audiences: Child & Family, Community, or Policy Makers.

What will the work of the workgroups look like?
You all have different expertise about how to best communicate with the three different levels of audiences. Each workgroup will discuss what programs and natural supports are already in place that  support resiliency.  Each workgroup will also look at key points they want their audience to learn about supporting resilience.  We’ll work collectively across the workgroups to find the common key points and craft an “umbrella” message that works for all our audiences.  

The whole group and individual workgroups will discuss ideas for formats to deliver the message, such as: a tag line, or a “30 second elevator speech”, a billboard, a PSA, a web page, an advocacy platform, a “white paper”, or a list of 10 ways to support resilience.

Our hope is that, by collaborating on this common goal, Springfield will have formed a foundation for other levels of action.

What support will be offered to the Workgroups?
         A Resiliency in Action Core Team member to support the work of each team.
         A social networking tool for sharing resources and communicating with team members.
         One or more members of the workgroup who have the capacity to help provide additional coordination.

What is the commitment?
         Attendance at the 3 Learning & Action Planning Sessions: October 2014, January 2015, & April 2015
         Workgroup communication: email, phone, sharing resources; may include a meeting between each of the 3 Learning Sessions supported by the Core Team rep.

Do all members of an agency/group need to be on the same workgroup?
Each agency/group may decide if they want to concentrate their membersefforts on one workgroup or to disperse based on the skills, interests of each person. Please consider this decision in advance.

What do I need to do in advance?
      Choose up to 3 members of your Springfield-based agency/group that will join other participants in
cross-system change projects. Non-affiliated individuals are welcome.
      Consider which target audience level you are most interested in engaging your efforts: child & family, community, or policy makers. Decide if all members of your agency/group will target the same audience.
      Brainstorm a message" that the collaborative workgroup might consider as a goal.
      Invite parents of young children to join your team either on October 3 or during meetings in-between.
      RSVP your Registration form by fax, email, mail, or phone by September 19  (see attached)

Please Contact Us with Your Questions

Maria Curtin-McKenna           (413) 858-3147 

Jenise Katalina                        (413) 858-3122 

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