Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Learning Lesson 1: Agenda

                                          Resiliency in Action: Springfield Early Childhood     Macintosh HD:Users:mariacurtin-mckenna:Desktop:Unknown.jpeg
             1st Learning Collaborative

                       October 3, 2014

9:00        Coffee and networking
~ Large meeting room  
Project Pre-Evaluation

9:30        Welcome  to the First Learning Collaborative  
~ Auditorium
                                Maria Curtin-McKenna, Program Coordinator

9:35        Resilience in Action - Why a “Messaging Project?”
Kate Roper, Massachusetts Department of Public Health

10:00     Building Workgroups around Resiliency Themes & Target Audiences
~ Classrooms
Ø  Child & Family
Ø  Community
Ø  Policy Makers

11:45     Networking Lunch
~ Large meeting room and classrooms


12:30     Communication Speaker: Strategies for Creating an Effective Messaging Campaign
~ Auditorium
                                John Bidwell, Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy
Baystate Health Systems, Marketing & Communications 
1:20        Workgroup Plans
~ Classrooms
o   Planning a project direction - Grid/Matrix
o   Logistics for working together
3:15        Is there an umbrella for all our work?
                ~ Auditorium
                                Jessica Wozniak, Baystate Family Advocacy Center
3:45        Evaluation of the day

4:00        End

* Our thanks to Springfield College School for Social Work for providing today’s meeting space.

Resiliency in Action Core Planning Team

Eve Wilder, MPH
Coordinator, Massachusetts Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Project (MECCS)
MA Department of Public Health

James Canning, PhD, LICSW
Professor, Springfield College School for Social Work and Clinician

Jenise Katalina, MSW Candidate
Supervisor, Healthy Families
Square One

Jessica Wozniak, PsyD
Clinical Grants Coordinator
Baystate Children’s Hospital’s Family Advocacy Center in Springfield, MA

Joni Beck Brewer, MSW, LICSW
Vice President of Family Services
Square One

Kate Roper
Assistant Director of Early Childhood Services
MA Department of Public Health’s Bureau of Family Health and Nutrition

Maria Curtin-McKenna, MSW, LCSW
Coordinator, Resiliency in Action: Springfield Early Childhood Learning Collaborative

Tayza Rodriguez-Lopez
Parent of a 3-year old

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